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    Image de Ajax demo suitcase

    Ajax demo suitcase

    Uitgebreide Sales koffer/tool, excl. AJAX componenten
    Image de Ajax panic button black

    Ajax panic button black

    Ajax Button, black, wireless panic button
    Image de Ajax panic button white

    Ajax panic button white

    Ajax Button, white, wireless panic button
    Image de Ajax range extender black

    Ajax range extender black

    Ajax range extender black
    Image de Ajax range extender white

    Ajax range extender white

    Ajax range extender white
    Image de Ajax relay

    Ajax relay

    Ajax relay
    Image de Ajax socket black

    Ajax socket black

    Ajax socket black
    Image de Ajax socket white

    Ajax socket white

    Ajax socket white
    Image de Ajax batt door

    Ajax batt door

    Ajax door batt
    AJAX DoorProtect black front

    Ajax DoorProtect black

    Ajax DoorProtect black
    AJAX FireProtect black front

    Ajax FireProtect black

    Smart smoke detector with temperature sensor

    If you aren’t protected against a burglary, you risk your valuables. If you aren’t protected against a fire, you risk everything. That’s why we created the Ajax FireProtect smoke detector. It’s easy to install and control, protected against sabotage and extremely long lasting.

    AJAX GlassProtect black front

    Ajax GlassProtect black

    Wireless Glass Break Detector

    The miniature wireless detector protects windows even at a considerable distance from Ajax Hub. Two-factor detection of broken glass considerably decreases the chance of false alarms.

    AJAX HomeSiren black front

    Ajax HomeSiren black

    Wireless indoor siren

    An audio alarm system with a customizable sound level between 81 and 105 dB and external LED connector. Maintains a connection to Ajax Hub at a distance of up to 2,000 meters in open space.

    AJAX Hub black front

    Ajax Hub black

    Het brein van het Ajax beveiligingssysteem

    Ajax Hub verbetert de prestaties van elk apparaat in het Ajax-systeem. Het controleert en controleert netwerkapparaten en verzamelt gegevens met behulp van Jeweler, onze geavanceerde draadloze verbindingstechnologie. De hub analyseert bedreigingen, filtert valse alarmen en waarschuwt u voor een echt gevaar. Aanvullende beveiliging tegen sabotage maakt de Ajax Hub onaantastbaar, samen met alle gebouwen die het beschermt.

    AJAX Hubkit Black

    Ajax Hubkit black

    The ideal starter kit, expandable according to your needs.

    The Hub (the brain of the system), a motion detector, a door opening detector, a keyfob. You can choose to add other detectors and gadgets available in the Ajax ecosystem to your StarterKit to enlarge, and enhance your protection. Due to the distinctive design and solutions in two colors (black/white), these devices will look stylish even in designer interiors. Ajax successfully combined the advantages of both major DIY ( «do it yourself» ) and professional alarms.

    AJAX KeyPad black front

    Ajax KeyPad black

    Wireless touch keyboard

    Ajax KeyPad helps to manage the Ajax security system. Arm the system with a passcode or with the press of a button. Use a duress code to send a silent alarm to a central monitoring station.

    AJAX LeaksProtect black front

    Ajax LeaksProtect black

    Flood detector

    Ajax LeaksProtect detects and notifies you of an inflow of water within seconds, but automatically cancels the alarm if the area dries. Energy-efficient, reliable and extremely long lasting.

    AJAX MotionProtect white front

    Ajax MotionProtect blanc

    Pet immune motion PIR detector

    Ajax MotionProtect detects the first step of an intruder on the premises but ignores pets, drafts and noise from an air conditioner.

    Image de Ajax mount door black

    Ajax mount door black

    Ajax door mount black
    AJAX ocBridge

    Ajax ocBridge Plus

    Module for integration with wired and hybrid security systems

    Ajax ocBridge Plus turns any wired security system into a wireless one by giving it access to the advantages of Ajax detectors, while antenna diversity and frequency hopping provide additional protection from radio noise or jamming.

    AJAX SpaceControl black front

    Ajax SpaceControl black

    Key fob with a panic button

    Protected with rolling code encryption and authentication, Ajax SpaceControl works at a distance of up to 1,300 meters from Ajax Hub in open space.

    Image de Double Button Wit

    Double Button Wit

    Double Button Wit
    Image de Double Button Zwart

    Double Button Zwart

    Double Button Zwart
    Image de Ajax  buttonholder

    Ajax buttonholder

    Ajax buttonholder voor button en doublebutton