Terms and conditions

  1. Except special conditions stated on the front of the invoice or of the order form and signed for agreement by the customer, only and exclusively of each other, the conditions which are below mentioned, apply.

  2. The specifications and price quotations are based on currently applicable values of wages, materials and services. If this changes, we reserve the right to adjust the prices in a proportionate manner.

  3. The delivery times are provided by way of information only and are no obligation for the seller. Delay in the delivery does not give any right to compensation or dissolution of the agreement.

  4. Complaints concerning the delivery to us within eight days after delivery and in any case before the use or  the resell of the goods.

  5. The protest against the invoice must be made in writing within 8 days of the invoice date. One is asked  to mention the date and number of the invoice.

  6. All invoices are payable in cash unless otherwise agreed.

  7. At non-payment of the invoice before the due-date, a delay interest is due by the customer,  from the due date without prior notice. The delay interest will be calculated at a rate of 12% per year on the invoice amount.  Also, a compensation is due by the customer, without prior notice. This amount will be calculated at a flat-rate fee amounting to 10% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of €50.

  8. In case of cancellation of the order, the buyer also has the obligation to pay a flat-rate compensation amounting to 15% of the value of the order, with the same minimum of € €50 under the express reservation to demand a higher possibility of damage.

  9. As long as the delivered goods were not paid, they remain property of the seller. However, the risk goes on the buyer from the moment of the contract closure.

  10. In case of dispute only the courts of the place where the seller has his operational office, or his principal place of business, have territorial jurisdiction.

  11. In case of orders accepted by our representative,  only the written order confirmation of the seller is binding.

  12. If the buyer does not collect the goods on the notified date, we reserve the right after expiry of a period of fifteen days, to regard the agreement as dissolved and this without prior formal notice. The safekeeping of the goods, subject of the pending delivery or collection, shall be carried out at the expense and risk of the buyer.

  13. When  as a result of force majeure, strike, lock-out and similar events  we are not able to deliver, we reserve the right to terminate the agreement without any compensation for the buyer.

  14. We also reserve the right to terminate the contract as of right and without prior notice in the event of bankruptcy, insolvency, as well as any change to the legal status of the buyer.

  15. Our safeguard duty with regard to defects in the delivered goods extends beyond this by our suppliers.

  16. Expenses connected with unpaid bills of Exchange or cheques as well as collection costs  are not included in the flat-rate compensation, and the buyer will be charged separately.

  17. If we commit providing services or performance, one third  had to be paid at the signature of the order form, one-third at the start of the performance or service,  and one-third with the delivery or its completion.

  18. In case of non-payment we reserve the right to stop further deliveries, performance and services.

  19. In case of non-payment we reserve the right to terminate the contract as of right and without prior notice, or to dissolve all or the not yet executed part.

  20. The goods are shipped at the risk of the buyer. The transport costs are, unless otherwise provided for, for the account of the buyer.