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    Picture of Ajax demo suitcase

    Ajax demo suitcase

    Uitgebreide Sales koffer/tool, excl. AJAX componenten
    Picture of Ajax range extender black

    Ajax range extender black

    Ajax range extender black
    Picture of Ajax range extender white

    Ajax range extender white

    Ajax range extender white
    Picture of Ajax relay

    Ajax relay

    Ajax relay
    Picture of Ajax socket black

    Ajax socket black

    Ajax socket black
    Picture of Ajax socket white

    Ajax socket white

    Ajax socket white
    AJAX ocBridge

    Ajax ocBridge Plus

    Module for integration with wired and hybrid security systems

    Ajax ocBridge Plus turns any wired security system into a wireless one by giving it access to the advantages of Ajax detectors, while antenna diversity and frequency hopping provide additional protection from radio noise or jamming.

    AJAX WallSwitch front

    Ajax WallSwitch

    Wireless remote control relay

    Turns household appliances on/off and tracks energy consumption through a mobile app or a web browser.

    AJAX uartBridge

    Ajax uartBridge

    Module for integration with third-party wireless security and smart home systems

    A wireless network of smart and secure Ajax detectors can be added to a third-party security or smart home system through the UART interface.

    AJAX Transmitter

    Ajax Transmitter

    Wireless module for third-party detector integration

    Ajax Transmitter allows connecting detectors with a wired output to the security system. With its help, you can protect property indoors and outdoors.

    Picture of Ajax 12V voedingsprint (HUB, HUBPLUS, REX)

    Ajax 12V voedingsprint (HUB, HUBPLUS, REX)

    A 12v power supply unit that replaces the 220v supply allowing the Hubs and Rex to be connected to low-voltage power sources
    Picture of Ajax 12V voedingsprint (enkel HUB2)

    Ajax 12V voedingsprint (enkel HUB2)

    The Ajax 12v power supply units allows the Ajax Hub2 to be installed in places where only low-voltage is available.
    Picture of MultiTransmitter Black 18 inputs

    MultiTransmitter Black 18 inputs

    Multitransmitter Black
    MultiTransmitter Black 18 inputs
    Picture of MultiTransmitter White 18 inputs

    MultiTransmitter White 18 inputs

    Multitransmitter White
    MultiTransmitter White 18 inputs
    Picture of Drukknop rood + Ajax door contact

    Drukknop rood + Ajax door contact

    Drukknop rood + Ajax door contact NO/NC Contact Model