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Picture of Ajax kit hub luxe white

Ajax kit hub luxe white

Ajax hubkit luxe white
Picture of Ajax kit hub luxe black

Ajax kit hub luxe black

Ajax hubkit luxe black
Picture of Ajax demo suitcase

Ajax demo suitcase

Uitgebreide Sales koffer/tool, excl. AJAX componenten
Picture of IP Dome camera 4MP white Fixed lens SD MIC

IP Dome camera 4MP white Fixed lens SD MIC

4 Megapixel IP mini dome camera, White color, Fixed lens 2,8mm, build-in microphone, SD card slot, POE, IR distance 10m
AJAX DoorProtect white front

Ajax DoorProtect [white]

Magnetic door and window opening detector

With their compact size, high-end sensors and wireless communication, Ajax DoorProtect detectors can protect doors and windows across several floors of a house or office.

AJAX MotionProtect white front

Ajax MotionProtect [white]

Pet immune motion PIR detector

Ajax MotionProtect detects the first step of an intruder on the premises but ignores pets, drafts and noise from an air conditioner.

AJAX FireProtect white front

Ajax FireProtect [white]

Smart smoke detector with temperature sensor

If you aren’t protected against a burglary, you risk your valuables. If you aren’t protected against a fire, you risk everything. That’s why we created the Ajax FireProtect smoke detector. It’s easy to install and control, protected against sabotage and extremely long lasting.

AJAX SpaceControl black front

Ajax SpaceControl [black]

Key fob with a panic button

Protected with rolling code encryption and authentication, Ajax SpaceControl works at a distance of up to 1,300 meters from Ajax Hub in open space.